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Tinnitus Treatment Solutions is dedicated to helping patients find relief from tinnitus, or “ringing ears”.

We understand how tinnitus can truly disrupt one's life.  We seek to address the gap in tinnitus care by providing solid clinical education, giving you hope, and offering treatment options and a practical path forward for finding relief. Our clinical program, Habituation and Rehabilitation Therapy (HaRT), has helped many tinnitus sufferers.

Our process is to evaluate your tinnitus and potential hearing loss, and then work together with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. Each patient is different, and each tinnitus case is unique.

Customized Tinnitus Solutions

When it comes to the complex condition of tinnitus, it is important to understand that every patient, and every case of tinnitus, is different. Our medical histories, brains, and symptoms are unique. Causes, types of sounds, severity, and loudness can all vary from person to person. Many, but not all tinnitus sufferers also suffer from hearing loss. Therefore, no single solution is appropriate for everyone. Instead, a customized treatment approach is preferred.

Our caring audiologists talk to patients like you every day. We answer questions, explain treatment options, help each individual determine next best steps, and respect the lifestyle, clinical, and budgetary needs of each person. We want to know your story so that we can best determine how to help.

Tinnitus Treatment with HaRT

Our advanced treatment approach, Habituation and Retraining Therapy (HaRT), employs a combination of personalized sound therapy and patient education and counseling. With your active participation, our goal is to guide you through the treatment journey ensuring you are informed, supported, reassured, and provided with appropriate clinical inputs in order to facilitate habituation.

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